Team Selection Points Standings 2019

The following are the Team Selection points standings after the first three selection tournaments for the 2019-2020 season:

Junior Points

Senior Points

If you feel there are any discrepancies please contact Team Manager Sensei Veronica Ramos De Lugo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

OKF Referee/Technical Clinic November 2019

The OKF held a Referee/Technical Clinic on November 23, 2019 at Brampton Shiva Fighters Karate Do.

Ontario Athletes Performance in 2019

Our Ontario Athletes had some outstanding results from competitions in 2019.  Here are the results:

Youth divisions:
Alexei Sokolovski: (Mexico Karate 1Youth League )- Gold(kumite)
Matthew Gruitia: (Mexico Karate 1Junior League)- Silver(Kata)

Cadets divisions:
Olivia Deane: (PKF -Junior Panams)-Gold (kumite)
Ethan Small: PKF -Juniors Panams-Silver, WKF Juniors Worlds-Gold (kumite)

Juniors divisions:
Etay Liberman: (PKF- Juniors Panams)-Bronze (kumite)

Adults divisions:
Melissa Bratic: (PKF -seniors Panams )-Bronze(kumite)
Daniel Gaysinsky: (Montreal Karate 1 Series A )- Silver (kumite), Peru Panam Games -Silver (kumite)
Haya Jumaa: Dubai Karate 1 Premier League -Bronze Montreal Karate 1series A-Bronze, Chile Karate 1 Series A -Bronze Moscow Karate 1 Premier League-Silver

Team kata divisions:
Vlad Varin, Yuri McNeil , Andrew Kirchberger: (PKF- Juniors Panams )-Bronze (Team kata)
Alison Nonato , Ryan Shields , Nicolas Mustapha: (Montreal Karate 1 Series A )-Bronze (men’s Team kata)

Para divisions:
Patricia Wright: (PKF-Seniors Panams )-Gold And Silver
Daniel Mustapha: (PKF-Seniors Panams)- Silver

High Performance Trainers For Elite Athletes

The OKF has arranged for three high-performance trainers to work with Elite athletes who are in the top 3 rankings in Kumite and top 4 rankings in Kata, per category as determined by the results from the Selection Tournaments.

Training will be offered once per week at no charge to the eligible athletes.  Training dates, times and location will be announced in the New Year.  Note that this training is totally separate from the Team training conducted by the Coaching Committee.

The High Performance Trainers are:

1) Sensei Saeed Baghbani (Chief Trainer)

2) Sensei Don Ritter (Assisant Trainer)

3) Sensei Nadja Bratic (Assistant Trainer)