Summit Awards 2019

Congratulations to all who were nominated for awards the 2019 OKF Summit.  The following is a list of all award winners in each category:

1. Senior Male 18yrs+ Kumite athlete: 

Daniel Gaysinsky


2. Senior Female 18yrs + kumite athlete:

Haya Jumaa


3. Junior Male Kumite athlete:

Ethan Small


4. Junior female kumite athlete:

Mahta Gharaei 


5. Senior male kata athlete:

Ryan Shields


6. Senior Female (+18) Kata athlete: 

Marissa Meandro


7. Junior Male (under 18) Kata athlete:

Mathew Guitia


8. Junior Female (under 18) Kata athlete:

Zoe Brown


9. Para athlete of the year:

Patricia Wright


10. Surprise athlete of the year:

Alex Sokolovski


11. Male coach of the year:

Roman Saltikov

12. Female coach of the year:

Constanta Badulescu


13. Rookie coach of the year:

Khosrow Khaleghpanah


14. Male official of the year:

Yuri Sokolovski


15. Female official of the year:

Maryam Kermani


16. Rookie Official of the Year

Aliochi Melian Gil


17. Club of the Year

North Toronto Karate School


18. Rookie Club of the Year

Charles Fink Dojo


19. Tournament Promoter of the Year

Blake Paterson


20. Special Volunteer award:

Victoria Rode


21. Lifetime Achievement Award

Betty Mochizuki


22. Special Achievement Award

Kenzo Dozono