Members and Non-Members of the Ontario Karate Federation.

As you may know, there has been a change to the law in Ontario  regarding the sanctioning of combat sports events. This law came into  effect on July 1, 2017. As it pertains to Karate, the law requires the  permission of the “Provincial Sport Organization recognized by the  Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.” (Order in Council 1087/2017)

Due to this change in the law, the OKF Board of Directors is working  on updating the Event Sanctioning Policy. The OKF is committed to  placing the health and safety of athletes first. As well, since any  and all Karate events held in Ontario must be sanctioned by the OKF,  we must insist on setting standards that shall be met by every event.  This will take some time but we are working diligently on this and  have set the revision of the Sanctioning Policy as a priority.

As you can imagine, the challenge is that there will be requests  between now and when the Sanctioning Policy is complete and approved  by the OKF Board of Directors for event sanctioning. Until the OKF has  approved the Event Sanctioning Policy, there shall be no events  sanctioned by the OKF. The simple fact is that if the OKF were to  sanction an event before the Policy is complete, it will set a  precedent. The precedent that the OKF will set will be within the  Policy itself.

We understand the complexities this may cause, but we need to adapt  with the change of the law - a law we did not pass, but one we must  comply with. Again, we are working diligently and with purpose to  revise and approve the Event Sanctioning Policy and appreciate your  patience and understanding. Should you have any questions or need  anything else, please feel free to contact us.


Brad Jones
President, Ontario Karate Federation

Details from the Ministry can be found at: