Athletes' Representative Peter Pakatchian

Peter Pakatchian - intro photo
Athletes' Representative Peter Pakatchian

Canadian National U21 Heavyweight champion 2008, 2009

2008 Junior Pan American Team Kumite Bronze Medalist

2008 Junior Pan American Heavyweight 5th Place

2009 Participated Junior Pan American and Junior World Championships

2009 Canadian National Mens Team Kumite Bronze

2011 Canadian National Mens Heavy 5th

2012 Canadian National Bronze Medalist

2014 Canadian National 2x Silver Medalist

2005 Kubota Cup - Gold Medalist

2006 Iwata Cup Silver Medalist

2007 Iwata Cup Gold and Silver Medalist

In the past three years, Peter has been part of the coaching team for his dojo, KanZen Kai’s, provincial and national junior team members - taking them to various events, and getting them ready for all levels of competition. In 2015, all of his dojo’s junior athletes came out with a medal or two from the Nationals, and some participated as Canadian Team members. During the  2015 Canadian Nationals in Richmond, BC,  Peter was there to support his fellow athletes from his dojo and coach them, however, he gladly helped out other athletes from the province when assistance was requested.

Part of why Peter has been selected to be the Athletes’ Representative at this time is that he is very approachable and has great interpersonal social skills. He has developed these strengths, along with client relations, through his customer service work experience, along with parent-student communications at his dojo. Another strength of Peter’s is the competitive aspect, as he has been doing karate for over 16 years, in addition to playing soccer (recreationally and competitively) since he was 5 years of age. He attempts to bring this competitive nature to the athletes he interacts with and push them forwards to success. Peter is open to cross training between various sports, from different combat sports and even to completely opposite sports – all with the goal of improving an athlete’s performance and, at the end, bringing results. Another characteristic of our Athlete’s Representative is that he likes to analyze and find solutions – something that he has developed through school with his engineering background. He always seeks to find solutions in a well-mannered way. Peter likes to push his students and other athletes to achieve amazing goals in karate, but also to translate this success in to school. He says that “you never know, sometimes you can learn something in school that will get you mentally ready for the task in front of you on the tatami.”