President Shiva Vadivelu

Shiva Vadivelu intro photo
Secretary - Shiva Vadivelu

Sensei Shiva Vadivelu has been a long time integral part of the sport of Karate in Ontario. From international experience beginning in India and later into Canada, he has strived to communicate and collaborate with many individuals and organizations who wish to see the sport more recognized and accessible. Working alongside organizers, officials, coaches and athletes in the World, Pan-American and National levels, he understands the importance of cooperation between all involved for the betterment of the sport.

Sensei Shiva Vadivelu has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Sport Organization since 1997, working a variety of positions that provides him with the understanding of how an organization of that caliber should function efficiently while taking into account of the members' interest for the sport.

Sensei Shiva Vadivelu has been the director/commissioner of provincial Karate tournaments since 2009 which plays a major role in the success and responsibilities of a Provincial Sport Organization. From 2013 - 2016, he took upon the position of Executive Director where he has worked with the Ministry on funding and policy development to ensure a sustainable and progressive organization.