Ontario Karate Federation is recognized by the Ontario Government as a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) in the province of Ontario.

OKF was officially founded in 2016, and was the result of several years of meetings between, and feedback from, many of the legacy dojos, coaches, athletes and officials from across Ontario. We are thankful to the large number of individuals who contributed in various ways at all stages of development.  As we move forwards together, OKF encourages everyone to become involved in the continued growth and success of the organization!

Ontario Karate Federation is focused on improving the promotion and accessibility of the sport of karate to its members and to the general public. The aim is to improve participation at the entry level; to enhance development programs for athletes, coaches and officials; and to be recognized for the excellence of our members at all levels of sport. 

Through transparency, regular communications, and active involvement of all members, OKF will continue to expand its member benefits and provide innovative and accessible programs across all areas of development. Members from across the province will be encouraged to provide feedback, be active within the organization and benefit from involvement with the OKF and its other members.

It is through Ontario Karate Federation membership that karate-ka will be able to participate in events hosted by Karate Canada, the PKF and the WKF.

Working Mission Statement: To create and maintain a supportive and nurturing environment that will enable and inspire the karate community in Ontario to achieve their goals.


Please check back frequently, as you will be noticing updates, improvements and exciting announcements happening on a regular basis.